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Counting Crows fans

As you stood there counting crows...

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Counting Crows
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Community for Counting Crows fans

Welcome to Counting Crows community!


We glad to see everyone who loves Counting Crows and listens to their music. We're verycommunicative and you always can share your thoughts about everything here. Just join us and let's interact!

"Life is about moments. And any given moment is completely worth that moment. Life isn't all about keeping, not in the way we normally think about it. My problem was being unable to hold onto things and then just dwelling on the loss. I started to realise: that's how it works. You should at least respect the fact that it was there. Cherish that. Then you still have something; it isn't gone or meaningless. It may not be the wholly joyous thing you wanted, but it is something. And it's accumulative. That's what makes your life rich. I'd felt like my life was a succession of experiences that didn't add up - just cards reshuffled in a deck, or cards on a table moved around, flip one up, flip it back over, not finding a match. But that accumulative aspect - that's growing up. You learn something. It wasn't cheap, it wasn't forgotten." - ADAM F. DURITZ

Members of the band:

Adam Duritz - lead vocals, piano, wurlitzer, tamborine
David Immergluck - guitars, bass, electric sitar, mandolin, vocals
Dan Vicrey - guitars, sitar, banjo, vocals
Charles Gillingham - piano, organ, accordion, mellotron, vocals
Jim Bogios - drums, percussion loops, vocals
David Bryson - guitars, dobro, vocals

Ex-members of the band:

Matt Malley - guitars, double bass, vocals
Ben Mize - drums, percussion, tamborine, bulbs, vocals
Steve Bowman - drums, vocals

Albums / Lyrics genre:

August And Everything After - (1993) - Sad poetic songs
Recovering The Satellites - (1996) - The darker songs
Across a Wire - Live in New York City - (1998)
This Desert Life - (1999) - The funky lite rock
Hard Candy - (2002) The jangily jams
Films About Ghosts: The Best Of - (2003)

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