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Nice little bit about the tour (which I don't know if any of you have been to one of these shows, but I was at a show last week, when it was just the boys and Augustana, and I was very impressed.) Looks like this tour's going to be a good time.

And I know I'm the biggest downer in the world...this is a celebration, even a celebration of me being mopey.

~ Adam Duritz

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looking for help with a keychain

This is an odd request, I know, but I've run out of places to ask and I'd love some help with this.

A few years ago right around when Films About Ghosts came out my mother gave me a package she had gotten somehow from the Counting Crows site, though I'm not certain of the circumstances because it was a gift. In it were a photo of the band , a t-shirt with the cover of Films About Ghosts and a small round plastic keychain with the fishbowl from This Desert Life on one side and the title of the album on the other.

It's the keychain I'm looking for right now because I was recently robbed and among other things my keys were stolen. I've been trying to replace what was lost and on this I've been going nowhere. The actual Crows website was beyond unhelpful and online searches have gotten me nowhere. If anyone here knows somewhere to find it or has a spare one lying around I'd be more than willing to pay for it via paypal.

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tickets for sale

2 standing tickets for the May 14th London Wembley show.

Because of the reshedualing I will not be able to make it. This is crushing, but such is life.

I live in the Cambridge area, but willing to mail registered post to elsewear in the uk.

Asking price £41.50 each. This is the same I paid, face price + fees, so I won't be making anything extra off of this sale. I don't want to rip off a fellow fan!

Please get the word out to other fans if you can, as I'm not on the website forums anymore.
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I used to be in a CC cover band and a few years ago we did a gig with a symphonic orchestra. The videos are finally viewable online!

Youtube channel of our guitarist

All My Friends
Another Horsedreamer's Blues
Why should you come when I call?
American Girls
Round Here
A Murder of One
Butterfly in Reverse
Perfect Blue Buildings
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Various Adam icons. You can find them over at my icon journal. Hope this is allowed :) Please credit if you take. This is my first icon batch ever, so please be kind.

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European Tour Postponement

"I just wanted to write a quick note to everyone about the change in our European tour. I'm sure everyone's painfully aware of how hard it is for anyone to afford to spend money on anything right now... We just decided that it made more sense to move things to May when hopefully, things will have settled down a bit. It also seemed like it might be an easier time for people to be able to afford to spend their hard-earned money on something like a concert."
- Adam

I'm sure I'm not the only person who is disappointed by the postponement of the European tour. I think the reason is a bit naff though. I mean, yes the credit crunch is going to make it difficult to organise/promote etc, but they're still going to make their money, and all the other bands are managing. As for saying it'll be easier to spend our money in May, we all spent our money MONTHS ago on tickets! Meh. Seems like a bit of a poor reason to me. Anyone else feel the same?

I hope Ben Folds is still supporting next year though, or I'll be SUPER disappointed.
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